Hologram Technology Services

“Hologram technology” or “Holography” is a photographic practice which became extremely popular in the mid-20th century. Instead of forming an image by using an optical lens, it employs laser technology which records light waves. This recording is then used to display a three-dimensional picture of a certain object at hand. It primarily encodes objects based on their relative transparency. Unlike photography, where a photograph can be viewed in almost any light, holograms need specific illumination to exhibit an intelligible picture. Hologram technology finds its various services in art applications, information storage, sensing and bio sensing equipment, security uses, hobbyist purposes, microscopy, etc.

We, at Two Eyes, believe that our clients deserve the absolute best when it comes to technology. We offer the latest, most advanced equipment to cater to your everyday technological requirements. We offer a wide range of services and make it our prime responsibility to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.

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